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We're proud of our student athletes who compete in Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball and Men's Baseball. The TCC Athletics program supports them in their efforts to pursue their education, develop their athletic skills and become leaders.

Community college athletics provides a venue for student athletes to practice, compete, and advance in their sports careers during their first two years of college. Our student athletes have transferred to NCAA Division I and II schools, and they've shone as junior and senior athletes in some of the best college sports programs in the country.

Throughout our 53-year history, TCC's teams have performed near the top of our NWAC division, bringing home championship titles and producing outstanding players. In 2016, all six teams reached champion level play.

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Soccer and School

"TCC has been great – not just for soccer but for a good education, also."


6 teams at TCC


53 years of athletics tradition

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The new Fitness Center is open to all TCC students and staff.